Monday, January 5, 2009

Ahh, getting in the groove

I love it! Really, if it was a person I'd give it a big hug & kiss! Ok, I have never felt this good about my "fine craft", as my hubby calls it. I have only been on a few weeks and I have made 5 sales and gotten into a treasury. Cool, huh? I have 30 peeps who heart me (thank you peeps). I have even had a few people ask me for advice. It's so nice thinking I can do this... I'm really doing a good job, and I love it. And I can stay with my kids and snuggle when they need me <3. It's so nice. K, gotta go get some more work done so I can post some more cute stuff :)


  1. I love your shop, and you have very nice pics.

  2. You've been tagged with an award. See my blog for details!

  3. Such inspiration and yahoo on the sales!!! You rock!



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