Friday, August 27, 2010

Aurora Shoes are amazing!

And not just because they mentioned me in a blog post :D 

I submitted this little outfit to showcase these wonderful shoes.  I love these shoes.  I'm a bare foot kinda gal.  These shoes are so completely comfy... even better than bare feet.  Another neat feature about these shoes that always amazed me, besides their wonderfully impeccable quality, is how light they are.  Really.  I can't say enough amazing things about these shoes, but I do implore you to check out this company and the people behind it.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bicycle smoothie...

Yep, my favorite coffee shop has one it again!  
Last weekend at Earthfest "my" coffee shop had a booth set up complete with a smoothie "machine".
THE best smoothie EVER!

You know you want one!
I can imagine myself pedaling a few miles so I can enjoy some yummy margaritas. 
Check out the FenderBlender!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Cedarwell, woot woot!

Last nights event: Free concert at M.I.K.E. sponsored by Paradigm Coffee & Music  
We got to listen to my old bass teacher play (the dude on the left, my rock star days didn't last long).
They are AWESOME!

Great night.  Baby danced.

    Heard a new band!
I really wish Ashley was back from her vacation, she would have loved these guys!

Check out these bands!
Do you have some local bands that you love?
Leave me some comments!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Mini Gallery; { inspired by pixar's UP } by guest littletoad

This treasury seems to be made up of little snippets of UP, the movie, and shows us that you can indeed find the most wonderful things on Etsy!  My only question is why o why hasn't this made it to the front page yet?!  
Come on Etsy!  Up with Up!
We all need a little adventure!
Curated by: littletoad 

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Art in the Park; sponsored by Sheboygan Visual Artists

I have to give a huge shout out to the Art in the Park program!  
The Sheboygan Visual Artists have created a program where artists make a small 8x10 piece of original artwork, The Small Works Project, and they sell paintings for $25 each.  The proceeds go toward Art in the Parks.  A program in which, for a few Saturdays this summer, artists come to a different park in Sheboygan and do a project free of charge with families.  Luckily I've been able to attend 2 of these weekends.  I'm so glad that I've been able to take advantage of such a wonderful service that is trying to spread creativity & the arts in our community.

Sadly, Frank one of the artists said he was unsure of the continuation of the program for next year.  I know the SVA has worked very hard on this and really put a great amount of time & money behind the project.  It saddens me.  I wish every community would start doing more to incorporate the arts into our everyday lives.  I think we all need a little art in our lives in this time, and in the future. 

What a wonderful thing to have in our communities!
Art for all ages!!!

Do you have a great community program?  
Leave a comment!

Friday, August 13, 2010

The PGA is in town...

I totally missed a great photo op the other night.  The PGA is in town, and they brought with them this little guy...
That's a blimp.
It was directly over my house a few nights ago, with the sun setting.  It would've made a really pretty picture.  We didn't make it on time.  We did go to the airport to take a pic.  Not as impressive though :(

I'll have more chances this weekend.  Maybe I'll get a nice pic for you all, you know, of the blimp.  Cause the chances of me seeing Tiger Woods are pretty slim.  

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The pen is mightier...

Ahh, but the real question is... which pen?! 

 I'm definitely a fan of sharpie.  They are awesome.   

Gel pens are pretty snazzy.

 And a really cool pencils for doodles are essential.

Colored pencils?  Even better!

Choose your weapon & leave a comment ;D
I want to know what you like to use for your doodles, drawings, or journaling <3

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mini Gallery; Birdies, Bunkers, and Bogeys by guest PapersandProse

The PGA is in town, so in the spirit of the game I am posting a treasury curated by PaperAndProse
To see her full treasury CLICK HERE

Monday, August 9, 2010

Just wanted to share a smile with you...

Hailey was helping in the garden, hiding in the flowers and jumping up to say "peek-a-boo"  :D
She doesn't mind getting her hands dirty, that's for sure!

Psst... do you have a wonderful summer fun pic?
 Hop on over to RikRak and add it to the blog hop :D

Yoote Inspiration

I am loving this artist.  I ventured further into the shop and discovered that she has done some wonderful children's book illustrations.  I'm a sucker for wonderfully illustrated children's books.  Check her site out here:
The link to her blog is at the bottom of her homepage.  

Go forth and doodle, draw, sketch, and write!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Kukubee: Sea Monster

Kukubee: Sea Monster
Originally uploaded by kukubee
This is great! Kukubee always grabs my attention with their fun, quirky artwork. This one made me smile extra big :D *insert jazz hands here*

Check out their Etsy shop for some other wonderful items. I have a few pouches myself. They are perfect & very well made!!!

And I have a secret for you gamers... Mr. Kukubee is working on a new online game called Glitch. I'm worried that my girls and I are going to be fighting over the comp to play this...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hagin Photography...

Originally uploaded by HaginPhotography
Amazing! My aunt always amazes me with her wonderful photography! She's done it again! I need her to give me some photog lessons! Great work Ginny!!!

How to schedule a blog post in blogger...

I was in an Etsy lab tonight and had a few people ask about how to schedule their blog posts.  This is for you...

Click on the Post Options at the bottom of the post once it's all written...

Then click on "scheduled at"...

Edit your date & time your post will be scheduled...

Then hit publish.  It's blogging magic <3

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fun summer dresses for the girls...

I'm finally getting to post these pics of the girls in their Oliver + S popover sun dresses...
These dresses were super easy to make.  I whipped them up in no time.  The first I made in a yellow color for the baby, then an Abby & Elmo print which is difficult to see.  It's getting increasingly hard to photograph her because she is go go go all the time!  Emily chose yellow and purple colors, they're bright like she is :)

I was inspired by blog posts from Kath over at My Little Girl's Closet.  She has started a great feature called Sew Along!  You should try it out!  I learned how I should resize a pattern... when I get time to actually DO it I'll know how :D

Sunday, August 1, 2010

New typewriter, plastic bag recycling fun, and Etsy finds surprise...

Yesterday was wonderful.  We started out looking for some straight razors for Mike.  That means hitting all the antique places we can looking for razors in good condition.  No nicks in the blade and good scales (handle thing-y).  If you antique, you know you can't just walk into a shop and walk back out without browsing!  I saw a gorgeous Typewriter.  It said $35.  It was a little dusty.  I was skeptical about it.  It was sitting on a case that I thought came with that typewriter.  We left the shop and I was going on about so much, Mike turned around.  I asked the wonderful man about it and if the case came with it.  To my surprise, there was another typewriter under the first!  A great deal cleaner & has a very neat look.  He took $30!  YES!
Then we went to Art in the Park sponsored by Sheboygan Visual Artistsb.  We had a blast making kite-type structures out of plastic bags with Michelle, from {almost} nothing new.  Here's her Etsy shop...
And I couldn't let Mike have all the fun...
Then I wake up this morning and check my e-mail and see this...
( ... sorry everyone, the jug is SOLD! yay! )

What a wonderful weekend!!!


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