Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Name Giveaway!!!

Since it's creation I've been unsatisfied with the name of my shop. It was a snap judgement, I very much wanted to open my shop. I picked the owl theme because I love owls, people love owls, and my great gram always wore a big bulky owl necklace that I loved. She loved owls too :) I'd like to keep some sort of owl in the name. I am open to any and all suggestions however!

So this is how I'll work this...

I will give away a LARGE JOURNAL of your choice to the person who comes up with the greatest, most original, catchy, fun, most wonderful name for my shop!

Post a comment here with your suggestion.

I will take suggestions until Sunday, September 20th.

If you suggest a name I reserve any and all rights to the name that is chosen.

I haven't decided yet if I will just decide on a name myself (and my "advisors" aka my 12 year old daughter), or if I will set up a poll on Monday of the top ten or so everyone can vote. Stay tuned to find out!

Good Luck All!


  1. A few I have come up with...

    Owl In The Night
    Grams Owl
    The Big Bulky Owl
    Owl Or Never (play on "now or never")
    The Big Fat Owl
    An Owl A Day (...keeps the Dr. away)
    Hoot And Owl (play on "hoot and howl")

  2. O. W. L. = original works of love! That might not be quite what you are looking for, some people get funny about the word love.
    Giving My Work Wings - b/c you send it out to people?
    Owl Craft For You - I'll/owl? Sounds pretty funny to me (as it it makes me laugh), but I'm a language teacher...
    (same vein) Owl Fly Away
    Like an Owl I Craft in the Night
    The Wise Owl
    The Not So Solemn Owl (presuming you are not so serious and rather fun, of course!)
    An Owl's Eye for Detail

    Well, that's all I've got for now...good luck!



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