Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Local Yokel Yuletide Craft Swap at Paradigm Coffee & Music!

On December 20th my family packed up our wares and headed down to our favorite coffee shop in Sheboygan Wisconsin, Paradigm Coffee & Music.  They were holding a very laid back type of craft fair... The Second Annual Local Yokel Craft Swap.  Kate, the owner of Paradigm, was telling me a bit about how the swap part came about.  She told me that last year when they had the event there was a big snowstorm & the only people that were there were the vendors, so they swapped wares.  She didn't charge us for a spot, it was come with what you've got & have fun type of event.  I haven't done a craft show in years, so it was a good way to get back into the swing of things.  Mike brought his pottery, I brought my journals & sketchbooks, Ashley brought jewelry, and Emily brought her drawings.

Ashley was a huge help, and discovered that she really loved bending wire to make earrings.  She made a few pairs of earrings and put them on the table, she also helped with anything we needed, she's the best assistant EVER!  She helped out with the baby a little, helped her sister with a sign for her shop, helped us set up, and most importantly kept me company.  I think the best part of the day for her was looking at all the wonderful items the girl next to us had.  She got a toothbrush bracelet, a record bowl, an elephant card, and a ribbon... ALL UPCYCLED.  Ashley was in heaven looking at all the wonderful things that Willa made.  Ashley says we should hang out with Willa more :)  I think she just wants to figure out how she made that tie dress she was wearing.
As I said, it was a selling venue, but also a chance to swap if we choose to.  It was like Christmas had come early for me... thank you Mike :)  A lot of the vendors wanted to trade for a mug, and Mike was very great about letting me get what I wanted.  I got a really neat necklace made out of a door latch.  I love it!  I traded a journal for a great cap for Emily, she wore it to bed the first night she had it... it apparently makes her dream of unicorns and faeries.  I'm surprised she takes it off at all.  I think my favorite item I traded for were 2 CD's.  My old bass teacher was there & traded 2 of his newest CD's for a mug & a few buttons.  This guy is one of the most patient guys I've ever met.  He is so talented and is always traveling to Europe for gigs, so I really lucked out that he was there in the first place, but to get some MUSIC... his website, Cedarwell!  Like I said... Christmas come early for me :)

And then there was Emily...  if you know Emily you know how out going she is.  She is very proud of her mommy & daddy, and LOVES Etsy!  She assumed everyone there sold on Etsy, because why wouldn't they, right?  She wanted to set up her own table, so she started at a coffee table in the corner... well that wasn't working because no one was coming by her.  She tried setting up with Mike & I, but apparently our stuff was in her way.  She eyed a table that was empty, and kind of claimed it.  She sat next to a really nice person... who also sells on Etsy (hi mary!... her shop MaryMule)  :D  She heard all about us... I'm still not sure what Emily was telling everyone.  We had printed out one of her pictures on photo paper before we left.  She brought a clipboard also, so she could create while she waited for customers.  She didn't do too much waiting.  She made a few drawings and proceeded to walk around and ask people if they wanted to buy one of her drawings.  After the first hour she had a crocheted flower pin & a handful of $1's.  It's a wonderful thing to have no inner critic or fears of failure.  All the people there were wonderfully supportive to her.  When I asked her secret she said.... "number 1, H E L L O" and walked away proud as a peacock.  She even used all of her money to buy gifts for all the other kids.  She bought her older sister the elephant card & toothbrush bracelet, she bought her younger sister a little taggie plush from the person next to her (again, hi mary!), and she bought another for my friend, Jen's (another etsian) baby.

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  1. So glad you blogged about this! Emily is such a wonderful little girl ... Hannah's been loving her taggie animals and Isaac is loving Emily's print! Have a wonderful Christmas - we'll have to get together next week when I'm back!



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