Thursday, January 14, 2010

Organizing a little...

I found my desk!  It's a miracle!  Now... let's see how long it stays this way.  

In the spirit of organizing I finally put all my sales on a excel spreadsheet.  Etsy is wonderful & has made my day not so grueling/ annoying/ frustrating.  At the bottom of your "Sold(Orders)" page there is a "Download this sales data as a CSV" tab.  (i'm sure you all know this already, this is just a reminder ;)  This will open up a page in excel that is so handy & wonderful you need to go drink some hot cocoa to celebrate how smart you are!  So I got all of my data on one sheet! Yay!  I am getting organized... baby steps...


  1. Hmm... maybe I should think about doing this as well! :) Congrats on getting organized - it's a great feeling!

  2. wow! good for you! my desk is so messy that if i set down my pliers i can't find them 2 seconds later. you're giving me inspiration! :)



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