Thursday, March 4, 2010

GOAL! Oh... I mean GOALS!

Goals, goals.  Every success needs goals right?  I am a goal setting superstar... I am NOT a goal completing superstar.  We're going to try to resolve this right here and now!!!  I'm going to make some goals, and I'm giving my readers permission to bug me about where I am in my goals.  I am going to format my goals in a neat little list, because it's fun to cross stuff off of lists.  My list is in no particular order...
  • Get through ScoutieGirl's "52 weeks of blogging your passion" e-book.  Yes, I bought it, and yes... I LOVE IT!  I'm in week 4, "Lofty Goals".  
  • Finish my daughter's quilt, and consider selling the pdf for the pattern in my shop, I'm giving myself 6 weeks from today to finish the quilt... the pdf might be a bit longer, I will post pics when it's done and you guys can tell me what you think!
  • Learn how to take my drawings and convert them to a drawing program and editing them for use screen printing covers... I'd like to do this within a month of this post.  I played with this a little last night for practice.  What do you think?
  • Become an expert canner by the end of this summer... I'd love for my family to eat from our garden for as long as I can stretch it.  I made jams last year.  I'm hoping to do more jams and maybe some spaghetti sauce, and pickled beets.
  • Starting this week, I'd like to take one night a week to leave the house and get some "me" time... yes for me this is a goal :)  I wanted to last night, but it wasn't in the cards.  My husband is working on the syrup shed so we can get some maple syrup done this year.  Our neighbor is helping us with this... they've done it for years.
  • I'd like to be selling 15 journals a month by June.  I know part of this goal is making the journals to sell, so this one is a two-fer.  If I could list a journal every other day, that would be lovely!  I have a stack of covers I'll be working on some more today.  Hopefully I'll get some listings up today or tomorrow.
What are your goals?  

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  1. I think these are all great goals! When I was growing up my mom had a *huge* garden and canned. We had peaches, pears, jams, spaghetti sauce, grape juice, and my mom even made her own ketchup.



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