Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wow... I can't believe it's been almost a MONTH!

Hi everyone!  Here is the rock I've been living under... yes it's a very big rock ;)
With the warmer weather I've been very busy with work around the house.  
We have a few fruit trees that we've had to prune.  
Some gooseberry & black currant bushes that needed to get cleared out.
Some flower beds to tend to.  
We are working on seedlings for the garden.  
My in-laws came out for a wonderful visit.  
My husband and I are trying to get his studio cleaned out and set up to get another wood fire going, and maybe start teaching throwing classes.  
On top of all of that the baby is mobile enough now that she keeps me on my toes for the whole day.  
We made our own maple syrup this year, with the help of the wonderful neighbor of ours!
The most wonderful part of the warm weather is that the kids and I are doing a lot more things outside together.  

My lack of internet presence has been a happy thing, but I do miss all of my wonderful readers.  I appreciate all of you checking in to make sure I'm still around & doing OK.  I'm going to try my best to post a bit more.  It may not be regular posts, but I'll do my best while I'm juggling all my chores & family fun.

And remember... I LOVE YOU GUYS!

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  1. wow you've been busy! that maple syrup looks delicious. :)



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