Thursday, May 20, 2010

More on the marriage of the shops...

In case anyone missed it, Mike & I are combining our shops and just sticking with NightOwlCraftworks.  I can give both our items more attention that way & it's just fun.  Mike got right to work with creating a new stamp for his new pieces.  His old items will still have the LampLightPottery stamp on them... so they are sort of a limited edition :D  There are items in his old shop that I will be systematically transferring over.  Check back for all of our exciting updates!


  1. that sounds like a great idea! less complicated...i can get behind that! ;)

  2. It's been really nice! Between the two of us we can make enough to post new every day or two. Otherwise it takes a while between posting new items. We always do work better as a team :)



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