Friday, August 20, 2010

Cedarwell, woot woot!

Last nights event: Free concert at M.I.K.E. sponsored by Paradigm Coffee & Music  
We got to listen to my old bass teacher play (the dude on the left, my rock star days didn't last long).
They are AWESOME!

Great night.  Baby danced.

    Heard a new band!
I really wish Ashley was back from her vacation, she would have loved these guys!

Check out these bands!
Do you have some local bands that you love?
Leave me some comments!

1 comment:

  1. local? not too many local bands... but i do recommend The DareDevil Christopher Wright out of... Eau Claire? (I think...) They've played Paradigm a few times... but they pull a very large crowd so its kind of a nuisance to see them there... i also love Lisa Gatewood... she's local to Milwaukee, not really a "band" just a girl and her guitar...but i love love love her. And lastly I recommend GirlParts. They are a group of 3 girls who all have "solo careers" but get together every now and then and record music. They've also played Paradigm a few times and i absolutely adore them. You should check em out. :) oh and btw... i also love cedarwell. They make me smile. :)



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