Sunday, August 1, 2010

New typewriter, plastic bag recycling fun, and Etsy finds surprise...

Yesterday was wonderful.  We started out looking for some straight razors for Mike.  That means hitting all the antique places we can looking for razors in good condition.  No nicks in the blade and good scales (handle thing-y).  If you antique, you know you can't just walk into a shop and walk back out without browsing!  I saw a gorgeous Typewriter.  It said $35.  It was a little dusty.  I was skeptical about it.  It was sitting on a case that I thought came with that typewriter.  We left the shop and I was going on about so much, Mike turned around.  I asked the wonderful man about it and if the case came with it.  To my surprise, there was another typewriter under the first!  A great deal cleaner & has a very neat look.  He took $30!  YES!
Then we went to Art in the Park sponsored by Sheboygan Visual Artistsb.  We had a blast making kite-type structures out of plastic bags with Michelle, from {almost} nothing new.  Here's her Etsy shop...
And I couldn't let Mike have all the fun...
Then I wake up this morning and check my e-mail and see this...
( ... sorry everyone, the jug is SOLD! yay! )

What a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. What a great find. And for $30 - icing on the cake!

  2. ps. I swear my brain has melted, lol. I didn't realize it was your pottery. Thought it was something you liked and it sold. Although I should have recognized it right away since I stop by your shop, drool, throw some pennies in the wishing well for some more $ to show up around here and I can buy something. Soon though! So anyways, Congrats!!



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