Thursday, August 12, 2010

The pen is mightier...

Ahh, but the real question is... which pen?! 

 I'm definitely a fan of sharpie.  They are awesome.   

Gel pens are pretty snazzy.

 And a really cool pencils for doodles are essential.

Colored pencils?  Even better!

Choose your weapon & leave a comment ;D
I want to know what you like to use for your doodles, drawings, or journaling <3


  1. I am a fan of all office supplies, but my favorite thing to draw with are my charcoal pencils!

  2. I am still a fan of the outdated and all mighty fountain pen. I just can find them any more. :-(

  3. When I was a teacher, the Albanian/Bosnian students all used these fine tip felt pens from Germany. They were awesome - I was given 2 as a gift. After scouring the internet, I still haven't found them! But I think any type of felt pen is nice. Lately the kids and I have been on a colored pencil kick too =)

  4. I like fine liner pens and pro markers :) those pencils are pretty!

  5. Doy! How could I forget fountain pens! They certainly do rock... even though I'd always end up with a leaky one.

    I love the fine tip sharpies, all colors. They are perfect :)

    Charcoal is wonderful too! It reminds you how textural a drawing can be. I wish I had been better in art class ;)

    Love the comments guys! Thanks for reading :D

  6. I'm a fan of everything! Anything I can get my hands on, really. But for doodles, I need a mechanical pencil. For coloring said doodles, color pencils. Or if I want to get fancy, copic markers!

  7. Fine tip sharpies - all the way. I need to get those sharpies they advertise that don't leak through the paper though... I *heart* office supplies (formerly referred to as school supplies)

  8. I covet my mechanical pencil... and anyone who touches knows to tread lightly ;)

    lol... I love that school supply graduates to office supplies :) I just hoard pens & pencils & markers.

    mwah ha ha!



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