Monday, October 18, 2010

Easily adding a link of posts to blogger...

When blogging you may do a weekly feature or some other sort of posts that you'd like people to find easily.  A nice way to show people the many things your blog has to offer is to add a link to these posts on the sidebar.  So without further ado...

First things first... make sure you tag your posts with the same tag to make them searchable.  This will be important to have the same tag in the posts related to the link on your sidebar.

Next you'll want to open your blog in two tabs.  The first to edit, the second to copy your searched url.

In the first window get your "edit layout" page ready.  You'll want to "add a gadget" to your sidebar, scroll down to "Link List" and add.  With that all open and ready to go, move on to the second tab.  

Now remember the tag you used for all your pertinent posts?  Go to your first post with that tag and click on it.  It will bring up all posts with that tag.  Copy that url into your "Link List" and give it a name :)  

Remember to save all your work!  You can drag the box around your "edit layout" page to position it where you'd like & sit back and ooo & ahh at all your hard work ;)

I'd like to give a little shout out to MollysMuses for always inspiring me to post little how to's... check out her blog & her Artist Interviews!

If anyone has any questions or problems please post a comment... I might have skipped something or confused you somehow.  If you don't understand it, there's a good chance someone else doesn't either.


  1. You are AWESOME! Thank you so very much for your help:)

  2. No problem! Thank you!!! I hope this helps :)



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