Friday, October 1, 2010

Where did September go?!

What happened?  Oh, that's right!  We've been working on this kiln!
She might not look like much in this picture, but we've made progress since this pic.  A few more weeks and we'll have a pretty boss kiln to fire!  I'm getting so anxious!!!

& Ashley takes some pretty neat photos :)

I'll try to get more pics up tomorrow with some commentary from Mike about the set up we're working on.


  1. yay kilns, love the shot through the bricks..

  2. Thanks Megan!

    We'll have more pics tomorrow, the door & walls are all done... we have to build the arch tomorrow. eek... I hope that goes well!

  3. Awesome - you must be so excited :) Can't wait to see it all finished. I felt like September slipped away- where does the time go?



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