Sunday, November 21, 2010

Voila! A complete gas kiln!

Yay!  It's all finished up & looking beautyous!

So here's the final pics of the build.
Mike cutting a hole in the ceiling...
I climbed up there & cut out the supports & framed some of it in.  No pics of that... it was mostly my legs hanging out of the hole.  Mike was too busy (thankfully) spotting me to take pics.

The stack from the outside...

The regulator...

Mike made a little barrel stove for the barn to keep us warm this winter.  We were burning the paint off before we brought it in.  It's all installed & working wonderfully <3

We also got 1000 pounds of clay!

All put away in the studio <3

We weren't able to fire any ware this weekend.  We don't have enough to fill the kiln.  Mike did run it empty for a few hours to dry it all out & prep it.  It works so well!  I can't wait to take some pics of it all full of happy little pots.  I've even been throwing a little!  

The next question is what glaze colors should we make? :D


  1. Great news that your kiln is complete! And I see you have a LOT of clay to work with- that would last me for years!
    I'd love to see some before & after firing, photos, of your pots in the new kiln.

  2. Mike can go through a box a night if he's on a roll. We'll definitely get before & after photos. I love opening the kiln to see all the pretty pots :) I think it's my favorite part <3 The transformation is amazing!

  3. This is super!! I can't wait to see the wares from the first firing!! My Dad used a barrel wood stove just like that on his back porch--boy did it put out the heat!!



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