Saturday, December 4, 2010

It's Alive!!!

Last Saturday, after a month of waiting for a new propane regulator and parts for our chimney, we had our first firing. We decided that the first firing should be a bisque. Bisque firing hardens the pottery, but leaves it still able to absorb water. This allows you to handle the pottery more easily when dipping into our glazes.

  We were all a little nervous that the kiln would perform as we hoped it would, but soon after lighting the burners all of our fears melted away. There was still a little water in the arch, but other than a little steam, it didn't cause much trouble. 

The firing ended with both top and bottom dead even and plenty of propane pressure in reserve. With any luck our first glaze firing will go just as well.

Stay tuned for photos of the next firing and enjoy some photos of the inaugural run



  1. awesome!! are you going to do any salt/soda firing?

  2. fun fun fun!!! how cool you guys!

  3. No salt or soda firing in that kiln. We do have some exciting glazes coming though :) It's been fun building this kiln & seeing how well it works <3 Now we just need to make some sales to make up for the costs :P lol



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