Wednesday, August 5, 2009

NEW HOME! I am soooo excited!

We are so absolutely fortunate! I don't know how we managed this, but we are renting a farmhouse and pottery studio in the country, and maybe if everything works out we may purchase this wonderful home!

If I ever had a reason to be motivated, this would be it! My husband can get back to creating. Before we moved to Wisconsin 3 years ago we had a small studio and always dreamed of having a place where we can create & share our love of all handmade.

We will be out of the dinky cookie cutter apartments, and Each of the three girls will have their own rooms. They will have their own bathrooms too... not looking forward to cleaning. But, I'd rather have more to clean than being stuck in this little space :)

If that wasn't enough... I have a whole loft space for my studio!!! It is lined with windows so I will always be kissed by beautiful sunlight, which I miss so much being in this apartment. I am already thinking of the wonderful craft nights I will be able to host. I love getting people together to create, show-off, or just talk & drink tea!

13 days & counting!


  1. Oh HaPPy HaPPy jOy jOy!
    It sounds wonderful and much needed!
    I can not wait what you create in your happy space!
    I touched on my studio in my new blog...

  2. Congrats!!! That's so exciting- I'm very happy for you!!!

  3. Congratulations! Maybe someday we'll get out to see...



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