Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Hubby's Buttons & Tons of Etsy Glitter!

These buttons are GREAT!  A few weeks ago the kids helped Mike pound these out & they came out so well!  I love the fish.  He looks kinda like a phirana.  They are terra cotta.  He is thinking he wants to leave them plain.  He is considering adding some stain.  I am now convinced my husband can do ANYTHING!  Now, how to get him to do what I want him to do... hmm.
His job is done, my job starts.  Product tester!  I am probably the best person for this job.  I know if I break it I can get him to make me a new one ;)  So, in order to do some testing I threw together this cuff.  It is bulky and not really pretty, but I can wash it and wear it!  I'm hoping this will get him off his buns and get him to start his own Etsy shop. 

My friend at JennaDesigns tweeted me about the front page!  Apparently I made the front page of Etsy today.  I missed it, but she e-mailed me some screenshots.  She is the best! 

If that wasn't enough... I was featured in one of my favorite blogs... Kate & Oli!  She is such a sweet person, and I think my confidence was boosted 500% after the kind words and great feature.  I was a bit nervous about it... but I couldn't be more happy & proud!  Thank you, Katie!


  1. I think the cuff is adorable!

  2. Both the cuff and buttons are adorable. You always have such interesting ideas. Thanks for stopping by and helping w/my printing question. I really appreciate you and your husband's help. (mine has no clue, lol) It will be archival printing - for Etsy. Would like a color laser printer, but can't afford it right now. Not sure whether to wait, go with a photo printer, regular or send it out. Hmm. Will post pics of the notebook you made me this week. Thanks again. It's beautiful! And I'll be back...have my eye on a few others :) ~ Lori

  3. so how do I get my hands on these buttons?

  4. Here you go,
    They are great! I love them so much... fun!



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