Saturday, November 28, 2009

The little engine that could Etsy shop...

Photo from MishasMunchkins
In the past year my shop has gone through many changes, and I've learned so much from Etsy's Virtual Labs, chat rooms, and The Storque.  My favorite is the Quit Your Day Job series.  The shops featured in those labs have similar stories.  I've found that having a successful Etsy shop is very much like the story The Little Engine That Could.  We all start that long laborious trek up the mountain.  We try, and try, and try.  I know it's a long road.  I know it's a lot of work.  We all say to ourselves I think I can!  As we go we pick up little things here and there.  We learn how to take better pictures of our work.  We learn how to write an amazing item description.  We learn the most effective way to use our tags.  We develop great customer service.  We learn how to price our work .  We learn the ins and outs of the postal system.  We learn how to market ourselves in a way that is effective to our brand.  We work and work to get up that mountain.  And just like the little engine that could, we reach the top and we start to pick up speed & it gets a bit easier.  And easier.  And easier.  Until we are powering down that mountain at full bore and building up speed so nothing or no one can stop us!  That's how I feel about my shop.  I can feel it, I am cresting that mountain.  I see the horizon.  I will always have to work and be a good little engine, but I know that I can see the horizon and that I am The Little Engine That Could!  I say to all of my other Etsy colleagues... keep trying, keep chugging along.  You WILL get there.  I have faith in all of you that as a wonderful handmade community we can all achieve our dreams!  And if you ever have doubts, or troubles, or questions... you are in good company.  There is always someone to help, to pick us up, and get us up that mountain!

I've added links throughout this post that may or may not be helpful... Etsy is so full of information for us, I hope I have at least pointed you in the right direction.

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  1. Found you at Twitter :-) This is a great posting. Thanks for all the links.



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