Monday, January 11, 2010

Another great weekend...

I actually got something accomplished!
Yesterday my friend Jen (aka jennadesigns) came over so the kids could play and I could have someone to talk to :)  I always have a tough time picking out papers, especially because I've looked at these for a while & they've gotten "old".  Jen put together some cover/ end paper combos for me and voila!  I glued 4 covers & bound 3 of them today!  Jen... THANK YOU!  I even took picks & listed them, yay me!
Shop link... NightOwlCraftworks


  1. I love those papers and the new journals! Sadly when I have a friend over to craft with I get less done.... I kinda like talking :)

    Question, how long does it take you to make one journal?

  2. Thanks guys!

    How long does a journal take? It matters which kid needs me, or if I need to take a break from it to make a meal. I try to cut my binders board one day, then glue another day, then bind another day. If I break it up I seem to get more done. I did sit down one day without distraction and was trying to get through it quickly to figure out my time, from start to finish usually about 1.5 hours, assuming everything goes smoothly. That in is a perfect situation. It's hard to get anything done with the baby, then the other two need help with their crafts and my husband needs an assistant in the studio every once in a while. It's not a boring life, that's for sure :)



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