Saturday, January 9, 2010

A bit of an update...

I haven't posted too many personal things on my blog lately.  I've been busy trying to be productive.  I think some of it has to do with the fact that I am going to be putting myself out there a little more than usual.  I have been trying to silk screen my own journal covers.  I have been struggling with materials more than the actual designs.  I do admit that my first design is a tad 3rd grade... but I love to doodle, and I came up with this...

I printed this onto fabric, but I'm used to working with card stock & papers.  What do you guys think?  Like I said... I like to doodle.  I tried different colors.  I tried on card stock.  We'll just say a lot of trial and error, a lot. The next prints I make will be on blue... I think.

So aside from all my frustrations & growling & hair pulling I was on the front page of Esty TWICE in the last two days!  I added the craftcult versions of the front pages to my sidebar because Etsy hasn't gotten the screenshots to their flickr pool yet.  It takes them a while sometimes.  I can wait...

So not wanting to get myself frustrated further, I put off doing anything for my shop tonight & joined my husband in the studio.  I haven't gotten a chance to work with clay since we moved in... so this was long overdue.  I pressed out a few platter molds.  I was only out there for about 45 minutes, but it was nice getting back into it.  I've never been able to throw, but I make a great assistant.  We are de-molding them in the morning.  Wish me luck!  I hope they come out nice... but if not I can just start over :)  I love clay!

And an update for my husband's shop... he is working on getting enough for another firing.  He made a dish mold for a butter dish, but I think it would make a perfect chocolate or small cookie platter.  Of course there will be mugs... lots of mugs :)  He has also made some tumblers that are extruded and then altered on the wheel.  I'm hoping we will have tons of wonderful people to come help with the firing, it is going to be COLD!  I think I might have to find a great hot cocoa recipe before then!


  1. I think the designs are lovely, yes they're a little 3rd grade but whats wrong with that, they're cute and playful. I don't know much about screen printing anymore so I'm no help with technicalities.
    Congrats on being on the Etsy front page!

  2. I really like your doodles I say keep it up. I'm struggling with materials too. I like the creative part sooo much better. :D

    OH and I totally forgot to tell you! I love the journal I won! I can't wait to finish my current journal to start filling that one. I'm determined to take some pictures of it and write a blog post about it. Soon :D



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