Friday, January 1, 2010

Featured Etsian... AbsolutelySmall!

Sally: What brought you to Etsy?
Claire: I've always wanted to share and sell my artwork with a larger audience. Etsy really enables me to do that, and fairly easily too. I'd really rather not do all that coding myself.

Sally: Who or what  inspires your creations?
Claire: I'm inspired by fiddling around with words, bad puns, good fabric, and all things cute. My pugs and bunny keep me pretty inspired, too. There's nothing like watching some animal antics to perk your brain up.

Sally: What item do you like to work on the most and why?
Claire: Making the regular 7" Chickenpants is absolutely my favorite thing to do. For one thing, it allows me to play with all that fabric I've been hoarding. Nothing compares to seeing another Chickenpants come to life!

Sally: What is your favorite beverage while you work?
Claire: Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Wait, is this a trick question?

Sally: What is something that you don’t do well that you’d like to do better?
Claire: I'm always working on improving my time management skills. I know that's not a 'creative' answer...but the better I get at balancing time, the more creative projects I could do!

Sally: If you could interview your main influence who would it be and what would you ask?
Claire: I'd love to talk to Maira Kalman. I don't know specifically what I'd ask her...I'd just want to know everything!

Sally: What do you listen to while you work? While you don’t work?
Claire: I've been listening to They Might Be Giants a lot lately. Jonathan Richman, the Katamari Damacy soundtrack, and Of Montreal are always on pretty heavy rotation too.

Sally: Do you have any deals or promos to share?
Claire: I've got a few retired plushie designs that are still waiting to find homes.  ( They're marked down to $11 each already...but there's also a listing or two floating around the shop where you can buy two of the Poppets/ Wee Goats for just $20. (
Claire Chambers ~ Absolutely Small

~Thank you, Claire!  I love getting to get a little peek into the lives of other Etsians.  And, yes, coffee is a preferred beverage for me also :)  I need my daily caffeine fix!

~Readers, thank you for joining Claire & I for our little interview... I hope you go check out those listings!  There is a little guy for everyone!  I think I love them all!!!


  1. Thanks so much for interviewing me! ^-^

  2. Absolutely Small rules the school :)

  3. She does! And I LOVE the name Claire... it was my grandfather's name.



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