Thursday, January 28, 2010

Featured Etsian... BroocheFromMaris!

Sally: What brought you to Etsy?
MariskaThe first time I heard of Etsy was when I found Econica ( on Google and absolutely loved her shop. I was searching for organic clothes because my ultimate goal is to have a organic atelier in about a few years. In Holland its very hard to get organic fabrics and I was doing some research about other designers. I'm very against mass production and I loved that Etsy found a way to stimulate creative people to expose there unique items and create a online boutique/shop.

Sally: Who or what  inspires your creations?
MariskaIts not really that I get inspired by something in particular. Sometimes a idea just pops into my head, its like a feeling and you just know it would turn out great! I love to try out new techniques with different kinds of materials. A few months ago my teacher taught me to crochet, now I'm crocheting everything! I started with yarn, making hats,flowers and a pair of house shoes. (which are soooo warm!!) Then I got experimental and tried to crochet with strings of fabrics, ribbon and it turned out to be soo beautiful the ribbons gave my designs a very shiny twist. My next idea was to crochet with metalwire/silverwire and my hands were not very happy with that brilliant idea! But I was... I'm so glad how it turned out! I love to experiment and one idea leads to another.

Sally: What time of day do you work best and why?
MariskaI collect my idea's all day long and right after dinner when I'm most relaxed I work at them. My head sometimes spins with thoughts and idea's, I'm full of creativeness. If I find a little spare time I will start to make a portfolio for my blog, I think people will love to see what else I do besides Etsy.

Sally: Who do you market to? Who do you see buying your work?
MariskaUmmmm YOU are my market ;)

Sally: What item do you like to work on the most and why?
MariskaThe silver wired items, every time I finish one I'm actually surprised how well it turned out. I love to use beads/pearls to they make it more colorful. Crochet + silverwire + beads = pretty jewelry.

Sally: What are your 3 favorite books?
MariskaI'm a real fashion book addict, bought last week 6 (six!!) fashion books and love them all. Very hard to pick my 3 favorites! Uhmmm lets see..
1 - How to set up & run a fashion label by Toby meadows.
''No matter how talented you are as a designer, if you are going to run a successful fashion label you also need to know about business - from marketing and PR to manufacturing your collection, and where to find the money to finance it all. In How to set up & run a fashion label, Toby presents a no-nonsense guide to running your own business.''
This book has loads of tips to help you set up a label. It really helped me a lot although I haven't even started yet, it helped me to get prepared of all the ideas I have for my fashion label which I want when I finish my collage.
2- Embroidered flora & fauna by Lesley Turpin-Delport & Nikki Delport-Wepener
Literally stunning! I was overwhelmed when I saw this book.. Full of projects of mixed media techniques. Three dimensional textured embroidery insects, flowers, animals and fruit.
3- Complete guide to Needlework. - Readers digest
As the title says it really is a complete guide! Found this book in a second hand shop. Its a very big book full of tips and projects. If I don't understand a technique or want to try something new this book is the first source Ill check.

Sally: What is something that you don’t do well that you’d like to do better?
MariskaThe dishes. No really! Its so hard to get started...

Sally: If you could interview your main influence who would it be and what would you ask?
MariskaI would love to ask you (Sally) the same questions just to see what your answers will be!
Sally: Mwah ha ha... moving on...

MariskaI would love to interview Rick Owens & Stella McCartney. Both amazing designers, really love their style.
Can't really come up with questions for Rick, probably when he got inspired and how he starts his collections. That kind of questions.
I would ask Stella McCartney how difficult it was for her to start a business with a famous father. And also ask questions about how she comes with her designs etc.

Sally: What do you listen to while you work? While you don’t work?
MariskaI listen a lot lounge music while I work. I'm a big fan of the Hotel costes and the buddha bar albums. They are so relaxed and a bit funky. Tango forte is one of my favorite songs. While I don't work I listen all kinds of music, don't really have a favorite genre. It really depends on my mood, sometimes I just love swinging with Disney music!

Sally: Do you have any deals or promos to share?
MariskaOff course! Just add 'Nightowl' In the message from the buyer and you'll get free shipping and 10% off all items!  (refund through paypal)

Thanks a lot for reading, hope you enjoyed.

Mariska, As usual... you are wonderful!  Thanks so much for sharing with us!

Readers, I'd watch this girl!  I was paired with her in a shop critique... she has come a long way in a short period of time!  Great Etsian!!!

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