Friday, January 22, 2010

Featured Etsian... HandiworksbyJanice!

Sally: What brought you to Etsy?
Janice: I came to Etsy upon recommendation from my daughter-in-law, who at the time had a shop on Etsy. She knew that my creations needed to be available for sale, and was so complimentary of the way Etsy is set up. I am glad that she was persistent!

Sally: Who or what inspires your creations?
Janice: My inspiration comes from many different mediums which include color, nature, the beach and the actual beads or fibers that I have in my “stash”. I actually let my design come about once I pick the main color or bead that will be featured. I create with an abundance of love and attention to detail, and with my own “signature”. When I am wearing one of my designs, I usually get numerous compliments from total strangers….which gives me a good excuse to pass out a business card! I am in the process of putting ideas together for my first series of lines. I hope to introduce them this spring. The lines will be “By the Sea”, “Metals”, “Enchanted Garden”, and “Celebrations”. I am also interested in offering a “Tweens” line of fun, colorful and affordable jewelry for girls from about 10-14.

Sally: What time of day do you work best and why?
Janice: I could work any time of day, but do most of mine in the evening. The day’s “other” work is done, dinner has been prepared, and I can settle down in my studio with my favorite TV show…HGTV….and let my imagination go. I usually do not get interrupted during my work as my husband is aware that this is my creative time, and loves to see what I have managed to produce once I shut down my shop for the evening.

Sally: Who do you market to? Who do you see buying your work?
Janice: At the moment, I try to market my creations to the young to middle age professional, as most of my jewelry is non-traditional and is of “statement” status. It is usually the woman that loves to accessorize and has the means to do so. Not as an afterthought, but with intention. My dream is that one of my designs will make it to the “Red Carpet” or with a TV News Anchorwoman. Also, I am in the process of establishing my “brand” within my Etsy shop, blog and website to make them consistent with one another. This will include all marketing materials as well as the “look and feel” of each site.

Sally: What item do you like to work on the most and why?
Janice: A necklace is my most favorite item to design. This piece is usually the first thing someone will notice when they see you and gives one an insight as to who you are. I love to name my designs as I give them life, as well as a creative introduction in my Etsy shop.

Sally: What are your 3 favorite books?
Janice: “Simple Abundance” by Sara Ban Breathnach. So empowering. Good for women of any age. It is easier for me to give authors rather than books, because I read many books from these authors: John Grisham; Anne Rivers Siddon and Maeve Binchey. I am a sucker for mystery, love, and good heartwarming stories.

Sally: What is something that you don’t do well that you’d like to do better?
Janice: Say NO to every bead that I see! I understand it is the same with most beaders or jewelry designers…..I have more beads than I will use in a long, long, time! I need to control the urge to buy everything I like.

Sally: What do you listen to while you work?
Janice: Most of the time, I watch HGTV while I work since there are good design ideas that come about. But if I don’t have the TV on, then I listen to soft jazz or soft rock. Very inspiring and calming at the same time.

Sally: Do you have any deals or promos to share?
Janice: There are some creations in my shop that are on sale. I do not do a percentage off as it can become confusing, so I just lower the selling price but let the client know what the original price was before the sale. I will be adding more “On Sale” items in order to make more room as I introduce my new lines. Also, I offer free shipping for orders $60 or more.

Janice,  Thank you for letting us get to know you!  I think saying "No" to anything crafty is one of my biggest weaknesses!

Readers,  What do you wish you could do better.  I'd love to hear! :)  I wish I could draw... or skateboard :P... or play guitar...


  1. A wonderful article of a wonderful artist!! I truly enjoyed reading it. Janice seems to be such a wonderful loving person. I wish you lots and lots of success :)

  2. Thanks for the article on "HandiworksbyJanice" I am a fan and co-worker of hers. I have purchased some of her items and love them. I like the idea that they are all one-of-a-kind pieces. I know how dedicated she is to her art and wish her well with her future endeavors.

  3. Such a fabulous article and feature for a wonderful artist! Congrats to you Janice!



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