Saturday, February 13, 2010

My true love story...

Jan 1 2002 I made a New Years Resolution in 2002... I wasn't going to date any guys that year.  I was done, completely gave up.  

Jan 11 2002 So this guy I worked with asked me to get a bite to eat with him.  He got stood-up on New Years and I told myself it wasn't a "date date".  I thought I could go out and maybe get to know him and have a really great friend.  He called me an hour after he was supposed to be there, I thought I had been stood up.  No... I had just given him REALLY bad directions that took him an hour out of his way.  I told him we could skip it and go some other time, but he said he was already out and was really looking forward to going.  It took him 2 1/2 hours to get to my house with the bad directions and  bad weather.  He finally made it and was looking so good in a sweater, and smelled delicious.  He cleans up really nice.  We went to D.P. Dough, a local calzone shop & then to Moonshadows, a bar in college town with cork dartboards... remember, not a "date date".  We had a great time and I made it home safe and happy.  I left my keys in his car... not on purpose!  Really!  He found them the next morning and drove all the way back to my house, 1 1/2 hours again.  I was not there but he did get to meet my grandmother :)  

February 2002 So he moved in.  It only made sense.  He was driving an hour and a half to get to work, come over to see me, drive an hour and a half home, and do it again the next day.  And remember... we worked at the same company.

April 2002 OK, I'm pregnant.  Really?  Pregnant!  How do you go from not dating to pregnant??  We really liked each other.  We were very happy, very, very happy.  I'm not sure what anyone else thought because we were too happy.

July 6 2002
Don't ever try to plan a wedding in two months, really, it's not fun.  Don't expect anything to go right, because nothing ever does.  If you were there you'd know.  I had an oudoor wedding.  It was about 80 with a light breeze.  Perfect weather.  SO... don't tie the real rings to the pillow.  Everyone knows that, right?  If you know me you know you can't tell me anything, so on go the rings.  And, if you've been to my grandmother's house, you know there is a beautiful bridge over the creek that runs through the yard.  The ring bearer decides he is going to run over the bridge with the pillow in one hand, kind of swinging it.  The last thing you want to hear is- ting ting ting and all the air being sucked in by your guests (we were outside so that's pretty impressive).  I immediately closed my eyes and squeezed my fathers arm so hard, I thought I was going to break it.  Yes, the rings fell in the creek.  Again, I say they... FELL IN THE CREEK!  Luckily, my little brother was standing there at the end of the bridge.  I had never seen him move so fast, and probably never will again.  He was right there to find the rings so that I didn't have to faint and be rushed to the emergency room on my wedding day.  After that we had the most beautiful day.  I couldn't stop smiling.

Dec 30 2002
OK, so I can't top that story can I?  Watch me... my brother-in-law was talking to my husband at about 11 pm on the 29th.  He said something to make me laugh... now when your pregnant your supposed to have some warning when the baby is coming.  You hear about women having contractions all day, many many hours later they finally have a baby.  Jeff made me laugh and my water broke.  This did not happen on it's own with Ashley, so I was a little freaked out.  If you have ever seen me when I freak out I laugh more than anything... so I called the mid-wife to tell her we were going to the hospital, I was laughing.  Mike had to take Ashley up to my grandmothers (about 10 minutes round trip), by the time he got back the contractions were 3 minutes apart and I couldn't move very far before another started.  So the ride to the hospital was fun.  Mike thought I was going to break his car.  We got to the hospital and Mike tried to help me out of the car... don't move a woman mid contraction, SHE DOESN'T LIKE IT!  When I was able to move again I ran to the emergency room doors.  I walked in and told the receptionists that my contractions were 3 minutes apart and I needed to get to the delivery rooms.  The nurses tried to find me a wheelchair because for some reason they didn't have any right there... I was down the hall pushing the up button furiously by the time they caught up to me.  So they wheeled me the rest of the way to the desk in the delivery room.  Here I had to get a room, so they stopped my wheelchair by the nurses station.  The nurses thought that this would be a good time to calmly discuss what room I should be in.  I felt like I had a baby in my pantleg of my overalls.  So while they are talking I see an empty room, I got up and walked as fast as I could before my next contraction while undoing my buckles on my overalls.  I got to the room and stripped the rest of the way.  All of this so far only took about 2 hours.  So they got me settled in and the mid wife finally joined us.  She was very surprised that I was completely dilated, remember I was laughing when I called her.  So she did some magic, that shouldn't be shared, and Emily was born at 2:09 am.  Three hours later.

So, in 2002 I vowed not to date.  I got married and had a baby instead.


  1. Awww! What a great story. Aren't little brothers great?

  2. Loved your story! Beautiful family - much happiness to you.

  3. A laugh and a tear. Great story of which I am sure you think: only in the movies, unti it happends to you.

  4. It was truly a beautiful day, you were truly a beautiful bride, that ring truly did fall into the creek and scare the crap out of all of us.. and it was absolutely perfect, just as it was. Love you lots!

  5. Thanks everyone! Every love has to start with a great story, right?

    Casi- I'm not sure if anyone noticed that I immediately closed my eyes, and Dad just told me that it would be OK. Thank goodness for how laid back he is! I swear I almost passed out!



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