Friday, February 12, 2010

THIS IS MY 100th POST! dedicated to my best friend...

Sorry for shouting, but it's pretty exciting.  In the beginning I was grasping at straws, trying to figure out what to post, who wants to hear about me & what I have to offer.  Answer!  I don't care!  Ok, I care that you love reading my blog, and I care that you are interested.  But now that I'm hooked on blogging I think I'd blog even if I had no followers and I was talking to myself :D  I'm very grateful for my fans and followers... so I'm not actually talking to myself, I LOVE YOU GUYS!

So, I wanted to blog about something extra special for my 100th post.  It took a few hours to figure it out, but when it hit me I got SOOO excited!  I talk a lot about my husband's shop, and I seem to talk about Emily (my middle girl) a lot, and the baby some.

The person I'd like to dedicate my 100th post to is my oldest daughter, Ashley.  
She is my best friend.  
She is my rock.  
She is my inspiration.  
She is my advisor.  
She is my 13 year old "little girl".
I could go on all day, so I thought some pics of her gorgeous face could say the rest...
She is has such a great spirit.  She loves Etsy more than I do... that's saying a lot! She has her own shop, LittleLelly.  She loves elephants <3  She changes her mind often about the look of her shop, and what she sells.  She wants so much to be a good Etsian and a great part of the community.  She does everything for her shop on her own, taking pics, listing, and packaging.  She is a VERY responsible person!   

She loves to shop on Etsy.  She proudly rocks her clips and jewelry and pouches when she goes to school.  It makes her so proud when someone asks her where she got something and she pimps her Etsy loves to all of her freinds.  She's even talking some of her teachers into starting up Etsy shops!  She's AMAZING!  Single handedly educating her school about our handmade community!


  1. so amazing. she looks JUST like you.

  2. Congrats on your 100th post! And to the success of Ashley's shop :)

  3. Congrats on your 100th post AND even more so for having an amazing daughter :)

  4. Thanks guys! Ashley is my mini me :) I'm a lucky momma :D



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