Tuesday, February 23, 2010

tagging meme, lots of goody randomness...

5 Things found in my bag:
*Wallet (my cutie one from Kukubee)
*Lip gloss

5 Things found in my purse:
*Punch cards from the paper store & Cold Stone Creamery
*Library Cards, mine & the kiddos
*Business cards :D
*Receipts from shipping orders :)
Conclusion: I have no cash in my wallet :(  I was hoping for a surprise :D

5 Favorite things in my room:

*My laptop
*My glue & brush, bone folder, and awl
*My stereo

*My huge stack(s) of papers
*My coffee mug

5 Things I always wanted to do:
*Go somewhere warm and not do anything but sleep, eat and walk on the beach... maybe learn to surf too
*Travel Europe
*Sing & play bass in a band... Dave Matthews, if you're looking for someone :D

*Star in a movie
*Find my artistic ability... to be able to draw, I know it's there...

5 Things I am currently into:
*Blogging, blogging, blogging.  I love discovering new people and introducing them to my readers.  It's amazing the connections you make with people all over the world! :D
*Working on my shop a bit more... getting some custom produced items that I love and enjoy.
*Helping my husband with his shop.  I have a feeling when we get his new line all set he'll be swamped with orders!
*Getting excited about spring, family is coming to visit and I'm going to start working in the garden!  woo hoo!
*Twinkies... after watching "Zombieland" all I want is twinkies.

The person who tagged me... http://www.frommaris.com/

Your 5 impressions of her:
*She's super sweet!

*She is really outgoing!
*She loves handmade!
*She isn't afraid to try something new!
*She is innovative!

I'm tagging....



  1. I'm starting to wonder if this is how you're going to con me into blogging, lol!

  2. Hi Sally - sorry I'm just getting around to this. I never got a comment alert and as you know been bad about blogging! Thanks for the tag - now I have something to write about too! :)

    ur the best! lori

  3. I just now got around to tagging others. It's kinda fun, though, and a great way to mix up the blog post variety!



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