Monday, February 22, 2010

Overcoming obstacles, I feel like a ringmaster at times...

We all have obstacles we overcome to make what we are doing easier, more fulfilling, or profitable.  An obstacle of mine is balancing my family and work.  It definitely not my biggest obstacle (I have a harder time keeping myself on task) but I will say it's my most important.  My family comes first, always.  That's why I'm trying so emphatically to make my new life work.  I love to be at home with my children.  The problem here is that they sometimes don't understand that I'm not "playing" when I'm on the computer, or that when I'm in my studio that I can't drop everything to help them build a fort or watch a movie.  OK, sometimes I do drop everything... but if I let them get me distracted every time I started working... ooo, that's a fun game.
So, how do I overcome this obstacle?  Include them in my adventure!  They are as proud of my shop as I am, sometimes more.  My 13 year old is my advisor (see my 100th post).  She helps me decide what goes with what, and helps with color choices.  My 7 year old is my social manager & cheerleader (see "In awe of my daughter" post).  She tells me what to tweet, and gives me ideas to promote my shop.  They work right along side me most times.  I am very fortunate to have a studio with a ping pong table in the middle.  It has transformed into a huge craft area... most times filled with drawings and projects.  They help their dad with his shop too.  I think they like helping dad more... but who wouldn't want to be playing in the mud...  wait for me guys!!!

We take it one day at a time & keep our eyes on the horizon, with love in our hearts.

What are your obstacles?  What have you overcome?


  1. it's nice to hear about someone besides myself struggling to juggle work and being a full-time mommy at home. my baby...who is 4 years old! :) loves to "help" but also wants me to drop everything at a moments notice to build forts. i feel guilty when i don't drop everything.

  2. I'm just the same, more of a juggler than a ringmaster though! Taking each day at a time, doing the best I can.

    Thank you for featuring Monsieur Alphonse (I'm here in my other guise tonight), he loves to feel important, he just has that look about him - hee hee xx

  3. Yes, if only we had enough time to do it all with our whole hearts. Instead we go around trying to follow everything in the 3- or 5- or 10-ring circus. I know exactly what you're saying. All we can do is try!

  4. You are all great. The one thing I am sure of is that my kids will not always be this small. I know I'm trying to manage because they need mom as much as mom needs to work. It's all been wonderful so far... it can only get better :)



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