Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spreading my wings, any ideas for new product...

I love spring, it's a time of inspiration and new wonders.  I want to branch out and do some journals and sketchbooks with my own designs and artwork.  I don't want to abandon my wonderful pretty covers all together, but I would like to streamline the types I do.  To make my shop look a bit more cohesive.  
I am looking to you, my wonderful readers to throw your suggestions out there.  Anything goes.  What would you like to see on a cover?  What do you like and want to see more of?  


  1. Well, if you like your pretty covers and want to incorporate your own artwork, have you considered doing more along the lines of lino cuts/block printing?

    What about journals that don't open and close like a normal book, say, scrolls or some accordion style books?

  2. I can screen print. Lino cuts & blocks frustrate me. I go "grr" and stomp around if I mess stuff up. It's pretty funny to watch actually. I like accordion books, too! Maybe I'll try a few! Thanks so much! You're a doll! <3

  3. accordion books are awesome!!
    Maybe you could do some little to-do books. Have like 4 of them laying around.. I love making to-do lists!

    Love your covers so far. I think I said it before, but I would love to see a cute buddha in the same style as your owl journals.

  4. Yes! I forgot about buddha! A to-do book would be cool too. Thanks for reminding me... making a to-do list ;)

  5. yay! :)
    looking forward to see your new creations!

  6. I love old postcards, or any postcards for that matter! I'm thinking of the old postcards for the Nat'l Parks - have you seen those? Look them up and let me know if you can't find them. I don't know if you can find papers that are like postcards or if you would be able to use some to make a cover, but I like to travel and seeing postcards always reminds me of the good times and cool places...

  7. Postcards! Genius! I knew I had some pretty smart people following me :D

    I'm really glad you guys are sharing your ideas with me! I appreciate it so much!

  8. I really love the floral and flowers but you do those so well already... mmmm... no great suggestions, sorry.



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