Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Arch

So... this is the fun part.

First we needed to build an arch support.  It needs to be a wee bit smaller than the opening, so we can drop it out after the arch is built.  We stilted it up in the hopes that it doesn't collapse.
This photo is at about 9pm... now we're ready to top her off...

So we THOUGHT we had the right arch brick already cut, but it wasn't the right brick temp (it's times like this that i wish Mike was writing this post).  Arch brick is cut at a slight angle on each side.  That means we have to cut all of the brick.  

By hand.  Hence the delay...

But it is going together.

And we have the spy holes cut!

Soon we'll be seeing glowing ware though these babies!

Hopefully very soon...

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