Saturday, October 9, 2010

We opened a Cargoh shop!

We're so proud to be a part of the Cargoh family!  This site is wonderful!  I'm not just saying that.  I'd shop there if we didn't have a shop page.  I love the look and functionality of the webshops.  You can follow people on their twitter, like their facebook page, or comment on their shop page!  I really like the favoriting & wishlists.  The best part?  If you like something, give it a fistbump!  It's cool, trust me ;)

Go to our shop page and leave us some love <3
We're still working on filling up our shop.  I was going to try to revamp our logo & banner to make it more Cargoh-ish.  A little more artsy & cutting edge.  I got too anxious to see our shop open so we'll just stick with what we have for now.

And while you're there check out a few other shops... 

If you have a Cargoh shop leave a link so I can check ya out!


  1. oh wow-too cute! i'm gonna check you out now:)

  2. thanks sweets! we're getting there. with the new kiln build "regular" life is on hold for a while. hopefully when it's done we'll be able to stock both shops to the brim with pretty things :D

  3. Thanks for including a link to our shop! Your Cargo shop is coming along beautifully!



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