Friday, March 13, 2009

CraftingSuccess making my etsy shop better...

OK, we all read everything we can. Go to all the virtual labs. Visit the chat rooms to ask advice. We try to do everything we can with our limited budgets and limited time. Well, check this out...

I had someone "friend" me in Twitter. I feel very fortunate to have him find me, and that I took the time to look over his shop. I wanted to get one of his e-books to start but with being on etsy and having some success I didn't know where I should start in the series. I convo'ed him and he got me going in the right direction.

I started with the first e-book in his series, a lot of stuff I already knew but hadn't done yet. So I started my list. For any newbie this first book is great!!! He makes it all very simple, doesn't talk down, and only gives you the info you need. No b.s. here!

The second e-book is a bit more labor intensive if you are not a computer type person. Again, he holds your hand throughout the book to make things very simple. I addition to the wonderful way the book is written, he is always available for questions. Just convo him and he will get back to you very quickly. I've never had to wait more than 24 hours. He has convo'ed me back within minutes in the few cases I've contacted him. I've never had to convo him about any questions, just a little follow up and feedback discussions. There is so much information here, it will probably take me some time to get through it all and actually apply all of the marketing strategies. So far however it has been fun to get down to the knitty gritty of marketing my shop. I don't think I could've said that if I had to figure all of these techniques out on my own!

There are 2 more e-books to go through, and I am looking very forward to fine tuning my shop once I get through this book. I might even venture into making a video! O my! That might take a while ;)

The best part about these e-books... they are AFFORDABLE!!!

Thank you CraftingSuccess!

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