Friday, February 5, 2010

A busy week, MIA from blogging. oops...

OK, it's been a bit quiet in the blogging front lately.  Sorry everyone, I have been spending some time with my girls while dad was away on business.  He'll be back in a few hours, so time to catch up so we can spend some much needed time together too.

So here is my week in a nutshell...
Last Friday night I attended a great gallery night with my friend Laura (plug for her hubby's band, Beef Tea) at EBCO ArtWorks, featuring SVA (Sheboygan Visual Artists) artists.  It was a wonderful night with food, wine, music, and friends.  Frank Juarez has been the driving force behind SVA since it's conception, and he is doing such a wonderful job bringing Art to the community!  Kudos Frank & all the SVA members.  I had a great time & got out of the house :)  
Me & Laura listening to the band... I'm in the yellow sweater.
Some video of the band... The Water Street Hot Shots :)
Saturday I went to a precious metal clay demo.  I have a whole new respect for the people who work with that clay!  I figured it would be an easy transition because my husband works with clay.  Umm... there is definitely a bit more I have to figure out before buying any MORE of the clay.  Oh my... does that mean another trip to the bead shop?  Darn :D
The rest of the week has been playing with children, and trying to keep up with my shop.  Parent lunch, laundry, girl scouts, dishes, meals, grocery shopping, homework helping, and reading.  In between I tried to keep up with my shop, but it seems like that's a lost cause when Mike is gone on business.  In the future I'll try to schedule a few posts ahead of time for all you loyal lovies who love seeing all the pretty things & finding out what we've been up to :)

P.S. Check out TheRikRakStudio blog for a great giveaway, you could win $25 gift certificate to my shop! Eek!!!  Quick... go enter!!!

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