Saturday, February 6, 2010

Rediscovering my mission, welcome to my blog!

A favorite blog of mine is ScoutieGirl.  A lot of indie crafters may have already heard of it.  If you haven't, I suggest you check it out, in depth!  There is a section that is titled "52 weeks of blogging your passion".  I LOVE blogging, no really, I absolutely LOVE it!  So the first month of the 52 weeks is posted for free on her site.  So here goes... I'm jumping in with both feet so I can be a better blogger and give more back to my wonderful indie community!  Week 1...

What is my mission, what is my passion?  I feel there are 3 parts to my mission...

Part 1, as most of you know... I hope... is that I love to bind my own journals and sketchbooks.  I feel it brings me back to a time when things were not as easily accessible or disposable.  When you write in a Coptic bound journal, it makes whatever you put on those pages "permanent".  To go a step further, if you have blank pages there are no boundaries.  You can let your ideas flow onto the paper fluidly and without restraint.  It's like recording your personal history there on the paper, and someday it will be worth something!  I'd like to share more of my process with my readers so you better understand my passion.
Part 2, my handmade family.  My husband also has an Etsy shop, LampLightPottery.  Kinda fits with our work-at-night theme, huh?  He has his BFA in ceramics and works a full time job as a project analyst in glaze colors.  We have 3 girls.  It has been our dream to open a pottery studio, to sell his pottery, and to teach lessons.  I would love to share more with you about our struggles and successes trying to juggle the family and being able to start our own business.
Part 3, spread the indie love.  Part of loving handmade, is loving the people behind handmade.  I want to continue to feature wonderful Etsy artist & crafters.  I think it is so important to get to know the wonderful people we are buying from and why they do what so many of us are doing.

Now that I have shared my mission with you, I am asking you to share with me.  I would love to hear any comments or feedback on the direction of my blog.  Or if you have any questions for me, go ahead!  Ask away!!!


  1. wow that 52 weeks of blogging looks like fun! good luck with that :) I'd be interested in maybe buying her e-book too sometime in the future. and i had no idea your hubby does ceramics! how cool is that! to each have your own etsy shop :)

  2. It's great she has the first month up to try it out! And I just saw today that there is a private forum for people who buy the book :) Pretty cool, huh?

    We had a studio started in NY, but he got a new job & we've had to start over. We didn't have Etsy back then. It is amazing!!!

  3. Hi. I follow your blog and have it on my list of favorites. Therefore I have given you the Sunshine Bloggers award! Stop by to pick it up!

  4. is that your hubby in the pic? very cool pic ;)

  5. yeah, he's pretty cute! tee hee ;) he wants to do some videos sometime. another thing to add to my to-do list... it'll be fun!



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