Friday, January 30, 2009


I've been thinking about my goals lately. It seems like everyone has certain goals and knows what they want to accomplish. My goals seem so over the top... make a million dollars a month, clean every room in my house until it sparkles every day. I am not sure what I want my goals to be. Let me pick your brains please.... leave your goals. I'd like to hear what everyone else has for their personal expectations. And I'm bored and can't sleep ;p

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Owl War!!!

Mine vs. My husbands!

My husband is very talented... and I love him so much. Sometimes he can really frustrate me! I love making these little owls. My hubby sees me doing this new little thing and he picks it right up and in no time has a little owl for me! Then he makes an elephant for our oldest daughter, and a frog for our middle girl. And they are so good! I am still going to post my little owls but it is o so tempting to beg him to make a bunch up to post instead. They are two different styles, so I have that to make me feel better. He is just a stinker! Hope the girls get his natural talent!

Front Page, Woot Woo!

Wow! Unbelievable!!!

My inspiration...

I picked up a book a year and a half ago. It wasn't anything special, or so I thought. There have been a few books in my life that I find myself really falling in love with. When a was a preteen it was A Wrinkle in Time, when I was a teen The Vampire Lestat, in my twenties Harry Potter, now the Inkheart trilogy. This is important because the Inkheart book sparked something in me. When the author writes about bookbinding I was drawn in immediately. I needed to know all I could about bookbinding. To the library! I took out all four books, apparently it's not as popular as I thought it would be. I took it all in, and decided then that I would try to learn and grow as a bookbinder. That is how I got into my hobby, a book, which is now a movie with Brendan Frasier. OK, I never thought my artistic outlet would be linked to a movie, blah. So of course... I had to go see the movie this weekend. I loved the movie for what it was, a movie. I was very disappointed that they barely touched on the wonderful images I remember reading in the book. So, off to reread the book. hmmm...

Saturday, January 17, 2009


OK, I am addicted to etsy. I have been stalking the treasuries, I love seeing what people deside to pick out. I think it's neat seeing what other people see as beautiful. And again, I was included! Here is the address...

and here is a screenshot...

I will probably have some pics of my little felted owls up later tonight, or tomorrow. I was up until 6:30am a few nights ago... I don't know why. I got my owls done though. Let me know what you think of them!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Baby, it's cold outside...

... really cold! Nothing better than a cold spell and no where to go to spur the creative spirit. I love my books on etsy, but I know that everyone has said that you need variety in your shop when you start to find your niche. I picked up some felting... so I started working on a little owl. We'll see how it goes.

As some of you may know, I am not very artistic when it comes to drawing or photography. I love to cut things out of paper... kinda like drawing with scissors. The only time I ever used this odd skill was when I taught preschool. It came in handy. So I was thinking about doing some collage print type things. I never thought that this would come in handy. We will see... if I tell everyone about it I am more inclined to actually do it. I will try to post some pics if it all works out.

And if that's not enough, I've noticed a lot of other etsian blogs featuring fellow etsians. This is so wonderful to promote one another's shops. As a "newbie" at etsy I feel the stress of networking and getting that foot in the door. I am going to figure out what/ who I'd like to feature and how often. Whether it be other newbies, moms, maybe I'll feature kid's shops. Any ideas, let me know.

Maybe we'll get a warm streak... like in the 30's. It's sad when 30's are warm!

My to do list:

*Bind more books
*Finish owl
*Collage prints
*Blog feature

Monday, January 12, 2009

OK, I'm bored

I have my first showcase today. I'm stuck to my lappy waiting for people to buy, buy, buy. I wanted to get at least 3 sales today. We'll see what the day brings :)

On a very bright note, I got a shipment of tea today from Blue Raven Tea... chocolate tea :)


I don't know which to try first. Chocolate Covered Berries, Winter Chocolate, Peppermint BonBons, Chocolate Coconut, or Chocolate Mint Cookies. I chatted with this etsian for a while in one of the chat rooms a few nights ago and found out a lot of cool things about teas. The best is all of these great flavors. I also did not know you could over steep your tea and it can become bitter (I drink coffee, what do I know?) I am really looking forward to sitting down with a nice cup of perfectly brewed tea this afternoon for the craft night in the Etsy virtual labs. I think I might start with the Winter Chocolate :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cool... I did it! I got to make a Treasury!!! Don't miss it, you have until 2:09pm on Tuesday, January 13th! Guess what it features?

...or visit my shop page for the link. Look in links to the right.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Ahh, getting in the groove

I love it! Really, if it was a person I'd give it a big hug & kiss! Ok, I have never felt this good about my "fine craft", as my hubby calls it. I have only been on a few weeks and I have made 5 sales and gotten into a treasury. Cool, huh? I have 30 peeps who heart me (thank you peeps). I have even had a few people ask me for advice. It's so nice thinking I can do this... I'm really doing a good job, and I love it. And I can stay with my kids and snuggle when they need me <3. It's so nice. K, gotta go get some more work done so I can post some more cute stuff :)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Blues

We moved to Wisconsin from upstate NY about 2 years ago. New Years Eve is a weird thing now that we are an hour away from the east coast. We've never had to watch the ball drop twice?! We had a nice night in with the kids. My husband cooked a lot of really yummy food and we had ice cream :) If anyone has any family friendly New Years Eve tradition suggestions, please let me know. We need to start something new.


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